Jeff Arnold, President of Kamloops Food Bank, President of A&T Developments  (2015)

 Well this might be the first time I have every said that I enjoyed a 5 hour session, but I am.  Great job everyone and Randy you’re a rock star thank you.   A renewed feeling of exciting things to do in front of us.  ….. 

Thank you for taking this on to assist us.  We gained a lot of direction from you last year and was a huge reason we accomplished as much as we did….


 Bernadette Siracky BEd Med, Executive Director, Kamloops Food Bank (2015)

 Thank-you so very much for the exceptional guidance, support and facilitation.  The sessions you led our group through the past two years have encouraged positive and creative ideas and communication.  The resulting strategic plan has provided a powerful foundation and clear direction. 


Robin Smith, Mayor, District of Logan Lake (2015)

 Randy Diehl is a phenomenal leader and skilled problem solver. He has the ability to identify issues, and strategically work through them for quick results.  There isn’t a group anywhere of any size that wouldn’t benefit from the expertise he brings to the table. We thoroughly enjoyed the time he spent with us, and Randy left a professional legacy that touched every single individual within our organization.


 Will Lewis, Program Development, Northern Brain Injury Association (2015)

 Thank you for all of your help and guidance concerning the Alliance. This is all so new and exciting, …… so having a level head at the rudder sure is a blessing. Your wisdom and compassion are very appreciated.


 Leslie Groulx , CAO – District of Clearwater (2014)

Thank you for today. I really appreciate your wealth of knowledge and ability to call a spade when needed. I feel that having you provided some ground work for building a trust level with Council.


Kevin Ramsay, City Manager – City of Port Moody (2014)

Randy Diehl provided remarkable support as the subject matter expert for the City of Port Moody’s internal service assessment of Development Services.  His insight, business acumen, and a balanced approach to organizational review contributed to an excellent final product.  We would not hesitate to utilize Randy’s skills in the future.


Barbara Berger, Manager of Arts and Culture and Social Development – City of Kamloops, (2014)

 Kamloops Arts and Crafts Club  were so appreciative of what you brought to the process, the guidance and actual report and I have to agree that your entire contribution totally exceeded my expectations!  The strategic plan is “bang on” and will be so helpful keeping this club in touch with their priorities and values.  You gave them so much in this engagement…..thank you!!!!  I believe this is an important club in our cultural infrastructure and so relieved that they have a blueprint for embracing who they are, what they offer and how they move forward.


 Peter Mutrie, Executive Director – Kamloops Child Development Centre (2014)

 Randy’s approach to firstly understand our situation, secondly to organize and facilitate an engagement session of stakeholders and thirdly, to produce a workable plan for achieving identified strategic targets has proven to be effective for us. Randy shared his education and experience with us as he applied a creative and focused approach to meeting our needs.


Suzan Goguen, Executive Director – Oncore Seniors Services (2014)

 Thank you for facilitating our strategic planning session on Saturday.  Once our group warmed up, I think everyone participated in the dialogue (some reluctantly at first but they came around!).  I think you handled some delicate issues rather brilliantly and it turned out to be a great team building exercise.


 Bob Smiley, Executive Director, Kamloops Blazers Sports Foundation (2013)

Thank you for your leadership with the process and the report. The style provides us with the continuity following the discussions. The Board extends its appreciation for your first class work.


Mayor Manfred Bauer, Village of Keremeos (2013)

On behalf of council I would like to thank you for your excellent service to the Village of Keremeos. We all enjoyed working with you on the core review and appreciated the minimal impact on staff and council. Your professional approach and insight into the structural and operational intricacies of local government has been appreciated by everyone. It was a true learning experience.


Kathy Humphries, General Manager, Kamloops Symphony (2012)

We really appreciate your help with the strategic plan and the quick reporting. I’ve never seen this process go so well.


Gay Pooler, General Manager – Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association (2012)

 We found Randy to be easy to work with and extremely knowledgeable about so much of what we deal with as a BIA. His insight added a whole other beneficial layer to the planning process.


Kamloops Daily News (2012)

 LONGTIME Kamloops administrator Randy Diehl announced his retirement January 11, 2012. A man many say made the City of Kamloops a better place ….


Editorial by Mel Rothenburger, Kamloops Daily News (2012)

Comments this week lauding him for bringing a new sense of direction and leadership to city hall are not over-stated….One of Diehl’s greatest strengths has been his ability to bridge the gap between council and administration while maintaining an appropriate separation between church and state…He empowers staff to manage, treats them well and is a popular leader…..I challenge anyone to name a another municipal CAO who comes close to his standards. The standing ovation he received in chambers this week when he announced his retirement was sincere and totally deserved.


Michelle Young, Daily News Reporter (2012)

He has worked under three mayors….Each has had a different style of working, but Diehl has navigated them all. For someone whose job can disappear at the whim of a newly elected City council, he has not just survived, but has stayed on to leave his own distinctive mark on city hall…


Citizens’ Comments (2012)

“Thank you for all your years of service to the people of Kamloops and for your diligence in not locking yourself away from situations or conflict which cause great angst with the taxpayers…. Your contributions to the City of Kamloops will be missed and not forgotten…. We will miss you at the helm of the City and all the great things you have accomplished and worked on over the years….you have been a significant contributor to making the tourism industry come alive..thank you…


Employees’ Comments (2012)

 I truly admired your ‘pride as a civil servant’ and I think it worked its way through the entire organization….Thanks for your support and mentorship….Thanks for your advice, guidance and leadership. Your passion for this city is contagious….Your pride in community, your belief in a vision and your dedication to your job will not be forgotten…..Thank you for your wise leadership over the past 20+ years. You have made many positive changes to the city……Wow! What an amazing ride. Thanks for each and every day. You taught us about great leadership, but more importantly about being proud of what we do ……You are truly one of a kind..a true visionary….Many thanks for a having the confidence in my abilities…


 Media Comments (2012)

 …you always conducted yourself in a friendly, professional and fair manner with the media… (You) helped foster an understanding of what we do, and for your managers, how to deal with media requests…We will never forget your contributions and leadership at city hall…..During the years I’ve covered city council, I’ve appreciated how forthright and approachable you have been…..…I’ve seen you win the respect of staff and politicians but yes, indeed, even those of us whose job it is to be analytical, critical and, sometimes even truthful.


Business Case Studies, Public Health Agency Canada, (2009)

While many organizations are just now recognizing the benefits of encouraging a physically healthy workplace, the City Kamloops was already ahead of the game in 2002 and went one step further to implement a more holistic program that encompasses a variety of health and wellness components…


 Mel Rothenburger, Daily News Editor (2007)

 It’s not an exaggeration to say that there has never been a more cohesive and directed staff at City Hall. Diehl has worked hard to achieve that, and deserves much of the credit for getting enthusiastic buy in from his top managers…


Allan Ebedes, President and CEO Canada Awards of Excellence and the National Quality Institute (2006)

 The principles of trust, health, innovation and pride …. this is something that (staff) people actually live and breathe … this is actually ingrained in the (City’s) culture.  It seems to me that there is a theme running through (your organization)…. it goes back to your principles …. of communication, trust and openness … its not adversarial… your trying to build bridges and bonds. It seems pervasive in the way you do business here.


Mayor and Council: Kamloops  (2005)

You have integrated the Council Strategic Plan effectively with the Corporate Strategic Plan. This has resulted in an excellent alignment of Council and Corporate objectives… You have successfully engaged and empowered staff, especially senior staff, to become involved in